The latest and greatest buzzword is NOT enough

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As I worked to rebrand this blog, I was told by a few people that women didn’t need to be strong, they needed to be empowered.

Sorry, but I seriously think “empowered” is a word that is overused and not complete in its concept. We are missing the mark if…

The Best Advice for Living Your Best Life I Discovered This Week 2/27/2021 through 3/5/2021

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I read a wide variety of articles on here for several reasons: to remind my inner self of the goals I wish to accomplish, to keep informed about my health, to help me live more financially focused, to motivate me to be the best person I can, to explore new…

I Declare That I Am a Multi-faceted Creative

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What’s a multi-faceted creative?

A multi-faceted creative immerses themselves in the full range of humanities and thrives when their creativity is in full exploration.

That said, let’s get started to see how that definition fits me.

Hi, I’m Rebecca (Wilson) Kojetin.

You are my reader.

I’m here to introduce myself.

Rebecca Kojetin

Writer, speaker, musician — wife, mother, grandmother struggling to be the best I can be. Subscribe to “Life as I Know It” — at

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