Dear Writer — Wednesday, February 24, 2021

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There is no better way to improve than to put your work out there — sharing it for the whole world to see — no other way to get discovered than to risk rejection. You have to practice in public. -Jeff Goins

American Idol returned to the air waves last week for its 2021 season. Audition week brings forth singers of every level — some have performance experience while others have only sung in front of the mirror in their own bedrooms. But ALL of them have taken the risk of sharing their ability and, if you will, talent.


Dear Writer — Monday, February 22, 2021

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Every year when I began a unit in poetry, I would hear at least one student whine, “I hate poetry. Why do we have to study poetry?”

After a few years, I started the unit with a different frame of mind. I would go around the room and ask them to tell me their favorite song. I would follow that with the statement, “So, you like poetry.”

“No, way, Mrs. Kojetin. I hate poetry.”

“But you like music, and the lyrics to the songs you like are a type of poetry. So, you see, you like poetry. …

The Best Writing Advice I Discovered This Week 2/14/2021 through 2/20/2021

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Even after teaching writing and composition for 34 years, I realize that the more I read the more I learn about writing. Whether I am reading an article about writing here on Medium or reading an article on just about anything or reading a novel, I see writing as a living, breathing entity that evolves with each individual writer.

As a writer, you have your own unique voice and style of writing. You have your own perspective of a topic and the world. You have your own personality that comes out in your writing.

This has been a long week…

The Best Advice for Living Your Best Life I Discovered This Week 2/13/2021 through 2/19/2021

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I completed most of the day yesterday thinking it was Thursday. Today, I woke up thinking that it was Friday, but when I turned the page on Hubby’s medical information sheet and put down the date, I realized that it was Saturday.

What the hell? I’ve lost a day.

I lose days all the time. It started the summer after my youngest graduated high school. With no mandatory practices or sports competitions to schedule into my routine, I started to flounder. I had a couple of summer professional development activities to attend, but there was no regularity in occurrence. …

Dear Writer — Friday, February 19, 2021

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One of the things that happens when you give yourself permission to start writing is that you start thinking like a writer. You start seeing everything as material. -Anne Lamott

I frequent several social media writer groups these days since most face-to-face groups are still not meeting. I keep reading several disturbing posts about lack of ideas or how to start a story or what would character “X” do in a specific situation. I read, shake my head, and respond with ideas that I hope help.

What disturbs me most about these posts and these “writers” is that they are…

Dear Writer — February 17, 2021

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Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen. -John Steinbeck

Ideas can be elusive little creatures. They hop into your perspective and nibble at your gray matter. If you don’t lure them into the hutch or if something scares them, however, they disappear like lightening, over the fence and into the field where they blend into the countryside. Gone forever.

Have you ever had what you thought was a brilliant idea during a conversation with someone or driving down the road and said to yourself, “I’ve got…

Dear Writer — February 15, 2021

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I want to make a point before I get into the meat of this piece, so please humor me.

WARNING: As you read the italicized paragraphs just below, please realize that they are a “rough draft,” a “sloppy copy.” I wrote them and published them WITHOUT revision.

Instead of saying to yourself, “Who does this chick think she is? She can’t write a cohesive sentence, correctly structure a sentence, or even make sense with what she writes;” I hope you are saying, “OMG. My first draft looks like that too.”

Durng creative writing class one day, I handed back papers…

The Best Writing Advice I Discovered This Week 2/7/2021 through 2/13/2021

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I’ve always been amazed at writing students who think that writing is going to be the easiest career that they could take up. After all, most of us only see the finished product from the writer. We don’t see the idea and brainstorming phase. We don’t see the research and drafting the “sloppy copy.” We don’t see the agonizing hours of editing, revising and reworking, and proofreading. And we definitely don’t see the resistance most of us writers experience.

These articles I found this week have either given me new insight in some way about the craft of writing or…

The Best Advice for “Living Your Best Life” I Discovered This Week 2/6/2021 through 2/12/2021

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I’ve been compiling this list since the beginning of January. It has gotten me reading more of the articles that are shared in social media groups. It has allowed me to discover many great writers. It has added to my tool belt of skills that I believe I need to live my best life.

What does it mean to “live your best life?”

If you check with various sources, it shouldn’t surprise you to find that each person who tries to define the statement “live your best life” has a different view. …

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