5 ways to re-fill your glass and practice self-care

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I used to diagram an accident scene for my public speaking students when we discussed perspective. It was an eye-opener for most of them.

I drew an intersection and one car colliding into another at the stoplight. Then I strategically placed several witnesses in addition to the driver of each…

A message about getting to the task at hand

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Before the COVID shut-downs of 2020, the writer’s goal group I belonged to got together to develop and talk about our plans for the year. We started by answering on paper for ourselves several questions the facilitator presented. Then, we shared with the person next to us. That person was…

The Best Writing Advice I Discovered This Week 2/28/2021 through 3/6/2021

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How did your writing week go? If this is your first time coming across my weekly list of the best writing advice I discovered this week, welcome. If you have returned, thank you for giving this week’s hits a read.

I’ve been hard at work planning a personal writer’s retreat…

Rebecca Kojetin

Writer, speaker, musician, and multi-faceted creative — wife, mother, grandmother struggling to be the best I can be.

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